Children represent the future, especially newborns. As long as there are children, we’ll be here for them: we’re 50 years old but we’re brand new.

“A chick takes just a few weeks to become an adult, a cat takes a few months, a human takes 13 years”, as Bruno Munari wrote. But how long does a company take to mature? 50 years is a fair amount of time, but perhaps the secret behind a successful company lies in its ability to grow without ever becoming “adult”, maintaining its drive to change continuously, to innovate and to reinvent itself.

We make children’s clothing. So, we know how important it is to take care of every small detail: of course, this means researching style and designs, but it’s also about selecting the right materials, ensuring durability and resistance, as well as carrying out strict checks and controls into every phase of the production cycle. Children are our constant source of inspiration, day after day, and they have been for the last 50 years.